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Response to insulin of the intact stomach in patients with duodenal ulcer
  1. G. Gillespie,
  2. I. E. Gillespie,
  3. A. W. Kay


    Insulin tests were performed on 47 duodenal ulcer patients with intact stomachs. Only 20 had a positive response to the test judged positive by the criteria of Hollander in the first 45 minutes after the insulin. Twenty became positive between 45 and 60 minutes, and in five the response was not noted until the second hour. Surprisingly, two patients had apparently negative responses to the insulin. While caution is necessary in comparing responses of the intact stomach to those after vagotomy operations, the occurrence of the `late positive' and negative patterns of response to insulin in the intact stomach may give rise to reservations about the interpretation of these types of response after vagotomy.

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