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The endocrine polypeptide cells of the human stomach, duodenum, and jejunum
  1. A. G. E. Pearse,
  2. I. Coulling,
  3. B. Weavers,
  4. S. Friesen


    Thirty specimens of stomach, duodenum, and jejunum, removed at operation, were examined by optical microscopical, cytochemical, and electron microscopical techniques. The overall distribution of four types of endocrine polypeptide cell in the stomach, and three in the intestine, was determined. The seven cell types are described by names and letters belonging to a scheme for nomenclature agreed upon at the 1969 Wiesbaden conference on gastrointestinal hormones. The gastrin-secreting G cell was the only cell for which firm identification with a known hormone was possible. Although there was wide variation in the distribution of the various cells, from one case to another, striking differences were nevertheless observable, with respect to the G cell, between antra from carcinoma and from ulcer cases.

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