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Intestinal absorption of an arginine-containing peptide in cystinuria
  1. A. M. Asatoor,
  2. B. D. W. Harrison,
  3. M. D. Milne,
  4. D. I. Prosser


    Separate tolerance tests involving oral intake of the dipeptide, L-arginyl-L-aspartate, and of a corresponding free amino acid mixture, were carried out in a single type 2 cystinuric patient. Absorption of aspartate was within normal limits, whilst that of arginine was normal after the peptide but considerably reduced after the amino acid mixture. The results are compared with the increments of serum arginine found in eight normal subjects after the oral intake of the free amino acid mixture.

    Analyses of urinary pyrrolidine and of tetramethylenediamine in urine samples obtained after the two tolerance tests in the patient support the view that arginine absorption was subnormal after the amino acid mixture but within normal limits after the dipeptide.

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