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Extragastric gastrin
  1. M. G. Korman,
  2. C. Soveny,
  3. J. Hansky


    Gastrin release in the basal state and following a standard protein meal has been estimated in patients after partial gastrectomy, partial gastrectomy with truncal vagotomy, and total gastrectomy.

    Following partial gastrectomy, gastrin rose from 8 ± 0·8 to 20 ± 3·8 pg/ml with a protein meal. The rise in the partial gastrectomy with truncal vagotomy group was 27 ± 0·8 to 92 ± 1·5 pg/ml and after total gastrectomy was 13 ± 1·5 to 58 ± 4·6 pg/ml.

    These results provide evidence for the release of gastrin from extragastric sites.

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