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Inhibition by secretin of the gastric acid responses to meals and to pentagastrin in duodenal ulcer patients
  1. Stanisław J. Konturek,
  2. Jerzy Biernat,
  3. Tadeusz Grzelec


    The inhibitory effects of intravenous secretion on the gastric acid responses to a meal and to pentagastrin were studied in seven duodenal ulcer patients.

    A test meal of 10% peptone adjusted to pH 5·0 was introduced into the stomach and the Fordtran and Walsh method was used to measure the gastric acid output by monitoring the rate at which a solution of 0·3 M sodium bicarbonate had to be added to keep the pH of the gastric content constant at the value of 5·0. A constant dose of secretin (1 U/kg-hr) significantly depressed the serum gastrin response to a meal and produced an inhibition of acid secretion by about 70% of the control level. Secretin inhibited the acid response induced by pentagastrin by about 60% and simultaneously provoked a pancreatic bicarbonate output sufficient to neutralize about 60% of the gastric acid output to pentagastrin. We conclude that secretin is a strong inhibitor of gastric secretion in duodenal ulcer patients induced by a meal and by pentagastrin.

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