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An evaluation of 75Se Selenomethionine scanning as a test of pancreatic function compared with the secretin-pancreozymin test
  1. Joan Braganza,
  2. Mair Critchley,
  3. H. T. Howat,
  4. H. J. Testa,
  5. H. B. Torrance


    The uptake of 75Se Selenomethionine by the pancreas has been evaluated in 102 patients and compared with the secretin-pancreozymin test of pancreatic function. In groups of patients with chronic pancreatitis and cancer of the pancreas abnormal scans closely parallel the diminished exocrine secretion, especially bicarbonate output, following a submaximal dose of secretin. Thirty per cent of the group with no pancreatic abnormality have abnormal scans, though the secretinpancreozymin test is normal. Though a normal scan excludes the presence of chronic pancreatitis and cancer of the pancreas with a probability greater than 90%, an abnormal scan is found so frequently in normal subjects that it does not provide a reliable index of impaired pancreatic function.

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