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Stimulation of water and sodium secretion and inhibition of glucose absorption from the rat jejunum during intraarterial infusions of prostglandins.
  1. I M Coupar,
  2. I McColl


    The effect of prostaglandins, isoprenaline and dibutyryl cyclic adenosine monophosphate (dibut cAMP) on the net transfer of water and Na+ and glucose absorption have been studied in the anaesthetized rat. The lumen of the jejunum was recirculated with a solution of normal saline containing D (+) glucose and phenosulphonphthalein. The superior mesenteric artery was perfused extracorporeally and drugs were infused into the arterial blood. Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) at infusion rates of 2-5 X 10(-9) and 10(-8) mol/min induced a net secretion of water and Na+ which was significantly different from the infused control mean. Both water and Na+ secretion were dose-related. PGE1 induced slight but significant inhibition of glucose absorption at 10(-8) mol/min. This could either be a direct effect or secondary to solvent drag. PGE2 (2-5 X 10(-9) mol/min) and PGF2alpha (8 X 10(-9) mol/min) induced water and Na+ secretion, and inhibited glucose absorption but not significantly. Isoprenaline (10(-9) mol/min) and dibut cAMP (8 X 10(-9) mol/min) did not alter water, Na+ or glucose absorption.

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