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Stability of insulin-induced gastric secretion after vagotomy.
  1. R G Faber,
  2. J V Parkin,
  3. P Whitfied,
  4. M Hobsley


    Gastric secretory response to insulin-induced hypoglycaemia was stuided in 21 subjects following vagotomy and a drainage procedure for duodenal ulcer. Eighteen subjects had one early test, ie, within one month of operation, and at least one late test, ie, six months or more after operation. Seven subjects had at least two late tests. When the insulin test results were expressed in terms of their Hollander status,there was as much variability with time as expected from previous reports. However, when results were expressed in terms of new criteria, decribed in the previous paper, the insulin status of postvagotomy patients remained constant with time.

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