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Effects of bran on serum cholesterol, faecal mass, fat, bile acids and neutral sterols, and biliary lipids in patients with diverticular disease of the colon
  1. S. Tarpila,
  2. T. A. Miettinen,
  3. L. Metsäranta


    Twenty-two patients with symptomatic diverticular disease of the colon were randomly allocated to control and high-fibre groups so that the long-term effect (up to 12 months) of bran on serum, faecal and biliary lipids could be studied. Even in cases of high initial values, faecal mass was increased by bran and the change was positively correlated with the change in dietary fibre. Faecal fat and dry weight were also increased. Faecal bile acids were initially slightly raised and were positively correlated with wet weight both off and on bran. The latter significantly decreased the excretion and concentration of bile acids, in particular the high initial values. The change in bile acids was not correlated with the change in dietary fibre or faecal wet weight. Sterol balance values indicated that the bran-induced decrease in faecal bile acids was associated with a lower cholesterol synthesis. Serum cholesterol decreased significantly in two hypercholesterolaemic individuals only. Correlations between different parameters revealed that the higher the initial level or the greater the drop in cholesterol synthesis, the greater the decrease in serum cholesterol. Bran had no effect on the biliary saturation of cholesterol. The percentage of biliary deoxycholate was negatively correlated with faecal mass (less so with faecal bile acid output) both before and during bran and was significantly decreased by bran. The percentage of cholic acid increased correspondingly and that of chenodeoxycholate remained unchanged. Faecal bile acids also indicated that the synthesis of the two primary bile acids was lowered by bran to the same degree.

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    • 1 This work was supported by grants from the Finnish State Council for Medical Research.

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