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Abnormal vitamin D metabolism in cirrhosis.
  1. R T Jung,
  2. M Davie,
  3. J O Hunter,
  4. T M Chalmers,
  5. D E Lawson


    Vitamin D metabolism was investigated in 10 patients with cirrhosis. Mean plasma 25 hydroxycholecalciferol (25 OHD) centration in alcoholic cirrhosis was lower than in controls but the difference was not significant. In three patients restudied after the summer, plasma 25 OHD had risen. In contrast to the finding in normal subjects, the half-life of intravenously administered 3H cholecalciferol was short in cirrhotics and showed no correlation with plasma 25 OHD. Furthermore, the appearance of 3H 25 OHD from 3H cholecalciferol was reduced compared to the control group four hours after injection. Increased rate of metabolism of cholecalciferol and deficient production of 25 ohd contribute to vitamin D deficiency in liver disease.

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