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Serum and tumour ferritins in primary liver cancer.
  1. M C Kew,
  2. J D Torrance,
  3. D Derman,
  4. M Simon,
  5. G M Macnab,
  6. R W Charlton,
  7. T H Bothwell


    Serum ferritin concentrations were found to be raised, often considerably, in 58 of 76 black patients with primary liver cancer (PLC). No correlation could be demonstrated between the serum ferritin concentration and several other measurements, including the following: hepatic iron stores measured chemically, the size of the tumour, serum transaminase values, and the presence or absence of cirrhosis in the non-tumorous liver. There was, however, a negative correlation between serum ferritin and alpha-foetoprotein concentrations. Ferritin was purified from PLC tissue obtained from three patients at necropsy and the distribution of isoferritins was determined by isoelectric focusing. Acidic isoferritins similar to those previously found in PLC tissue were obtained. Their acidic nature was confirmed chromatographically using DEAE cellulose. Because the serum ferritin in patients with PLC probably consists of a mixture of normal and acidic isoferritins, it is likely that the serum assay used in the present study underestimated the actual concentrations present. With the development of an assay which utlises a specific antibody against acidic PLC isoferritins, serum ferritin may prove to be a second marker for PLC.

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