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The histamine test meal in the rat
  1. L. S. Valberg,
  2. L. J. Witts


    A histamine test meal is described for the estimation of the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin in the unanaesthetized intact rat.

    The stomach of the rat secreted pepsin and a small amount of acid in response to the test meal of hypertonic sucrose. Stimulation with histamine produced a pronounced rise in acid secretion but the output of pepsin remained unchanged. The increase in acid secretion was correlated in the individual rat with a rise in the volume of gastric secretion. Histamine phosphate in a dose of 50 mg./kg. body weight produced maximal stimulation of gastric acid secretion and was free from toxic effects. Choline chloride, in a dose of 126·5 mg./kg. body weight, had no effect on the volume of gastric secretion and it was ineffective as a stimulant of either acid or pepsin secretion.

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