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Amino acid and peptide absorption after proximal small intestinal resection in the rat.
  1. A B Garrido, Jr,
  2. H J Freeman,
  3. Y C Chung,
  4. Y S Kim


    In experimental animals with massive proximal intestinal resection, in vivo ileal absorption of an amino acid mixture containing L-leucine and glycine as well as two different dipeptides, L-leucyl-glycine and glycyl-L-leucine, were compared. Both amino acid and dipeptide absorption were markedly enhanced in the ileal segments. However, the absorption rates from the two perfused dipeptides differed. L-leucine absorption from L-leucyl-glycine was much greater than from glycyl-L-leucine. Brush border amino-peptidase activities after resection were also increased but dissociation between absorption and hydrolytic activity occurred. This study indicates that certain dipeptides are handled differently by adapting ileal segments. Furthermore, the changes observed probably reflect mucosal cellular hyperplasia occurring in association with intestinal adaptation.

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