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Immunoelectrophoretic studies on human small intestinal brush border proteins: cellular alterations in the levels of brush border enzymes after jejunoileal bypass operation.
  1. H Skovbjerg,
  2. E Gudmand-Høyer,
  3. O Norén,
  4. H Sjöström


    The amounts of lactase (EC, sucrase (EC, maltase (EC, microvillus aminopeptidase (microsomal EC3.4.11.2), and dipeptidyl peptidase IV (EC 3.4.14.X) in biopsies from proximal jejunum and distal ileum were studied by quantitative crossed immunoelectrophoresis and enzymatic assays in obese patients one and six months after jejunoileal bypass operation and compared with peroperative levels. They were related to DNA and protein content. The protein/DNA ratio fell 28-43% postoperatively. Except for ileal lactase and sucrase all enzymes showed decreased levels when expressed per mg protein and an even more pronounced decrease when related to DNA. Lactase and sucrase levels in ileum were increased or unchanged. A constant correlation between the amount of immunoreactive enzyme protein and enzymatic activity was shown for all enzymes except maltase. The results suggest that the bypass operation is followed by an increased amount of enterocytes devoid of or low in enzymatic activity and protein content. The amounts of lactase and sucrase in ileum are increased in relation to the other enzymes. No immunoreactive enzymes with zero or depressed activity were detected.

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