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Changes in human colonic mucosal-submucosal blood flow after body surface cooling.
  1. D W Forrester,
  2. J S Davison,
  3. V A Spence,
  4. W F Walker


    Mucosal-submucosal blood flow in the human colostomy was measured by a radioisotopic washout technique. Changes in blood flow were recorded in 10 subjects after peripheral vasoconstriction evoked by surface cooling of the body. Accompanying the vasoconstriction was a rise in mucosal-submucosal blood flow of approximately 40%. An interpretation of the blood flow changes and the associated alterations in mean arterial blood pressure provide evidence for vasomotor and local regulatory control in the colostomy microcirculation. We believe, therefore that the colostomy is a suitable preparation for studying the human colonic microcirculation.

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