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Gut hormone release after intestinal resection.
  1. H S Besterman,
  2. T E Adrian,
  3. C N Mallinson,
  4. N D Christofides,
  5. D L Sarson,
  6. A Pera,
  7. L Lombardo,
  8. R Modigliani,
  9. S R Bloom


    To investigate the possible role of gut and pancreatic hormones in the adaptive responses to gut resection, plasma concentrations of the circulating hormones were measured, in response to a test breakfast, in patients with either small or large intestinal resection and in healthy control subjects. In 18 patients with partial ileal resection a significant threefold rise was found in basal and postprandial levels of pancreatic polypeptide, a fourfold increase in motilin, and more than a twofold increase in gastrin and enteroglucagon levels compared with healthy controls. In contrast, nine patients with colonic resection had a threefold rise in levels of pancreatic polypeptide only. One or more of these peptides may have a role in stimulating the adaptive changes found after gut resection.

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