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Crohn's disease of the mouth: an indicator of intestinal involvement.
  1. C Scully,
  2. K M Cochran,
  3. R I Russell,
  4. M M Ferguson,
  5. M A Ghouri,
  6. F D Lee,
  7. D G MacDonald,
  8. P B McIntyre


    Nineteen patients with clinical evidence of oral Crohn's disease but no intestinal symptoms were studied. Oral lesions in all patients were shown histologically to have lymphoedema with or without chronic granulomas consistent with Crohn's disease. Seven patients (37%) had demonstrable intestinal disease on rectal biopsy and four of these had abnormal bowel radiology. All seven had evidence of nutritional deficiency. Patients with clinical features suggesting oral Crohn's disease may have evidence of Crohn's disease in the intestine, although this may not be clinically apparent.

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