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Manometric study of the sphincter of Oddi in patients with and without common bile duct stones.
  1. E De Masi,
  2. E Corazziari,
  3. F I Habib,
  4. B Fontana,
  5. V Gatti,
  6. G F Fegiz,
  7. A Torsoli


    Motor activity of the sphincter of Oddi has been evaluated in 34 patients who underwent ERCP examination. Manometric recordings from the common bile duct and the sphincter of Oddi were performed with a polyethylene triple lumen catheter. At ERCP 16 patients had undamaged biliary ducts; six had undergone cholecystectomy and six had gall bladder stones; 18 patients had common bile duct stones; nine of whom had undergone cholecystectomy, and seven had gall bladder stones. Length and amplitude of the resting sphincter pressure as well as frequency, duration, amplitude, and propagating pattern of phasic contractions did not significantly differ in patients with and without common bile duct stones. Sphincter of Oddi motor activity did not appear to be influenced by the variation in the diameter of the common bile duct or by previous cholecystectomy.

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