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Evaluation of pirenzepine on gastric acidity in healthy volunteers using ambulatory 24 hour intragastric pH-monitoring.
  1. A Etienne,
  2. C J Fimmel,
  3. B A Bron,
  4. E Loizeau,
  5. A L Blum


    The effect of pirenzepine on 24 hour intragastric acidity was studied in 10 healthy volunteers using ambulatory 24 hour intragastric pH-monitoring in a double blind crossover study. Tests were performed on the seventh day of ingestion of either placebo, 75 mg pirenzepine or 150 mg pirenzepine per day. The drugs were given at two doses at 8.30 am and 8.30 pm. Mean nocturnal hydrogen ion activity during placebo treatment was 68 mmol/l +/- 9 SEM and was reduced by 75 mg (26%, p less than 0.01) and 150 mg of pirenzepine (36%, p less than 0.01), respectively. Mean diurnal hydrogen ion activity was 32 mmol/l +/- 6 SEM and was not significantly reduced (p greater than 0.1) by either dose of pirenzepine (4% and 12% respectively). Thus, the effect of pirenzepine on intragastric acidity is small, even with high doses of the drug, and becomes apparent only during the night.

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