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Topical methotrexate alters solute and water transport in the rat jejunum in vivo and rabbit ileum in vitro.
  1. C R Pinkerton,
  2. I W Booth,
  3. P J Milla


    The topical effect of methotrexate (MTX) on small intestinal hexose and ion transport has been studied using an in vivo steady state jejunal perfusion technique in the rat, and short circuited rabbit terminal ileum in Ussing chambers in vitro. In rat jejunum, perfusion with MTX (1 mumol/l) caused significant reductions in water, sodium, and glucose absorption within 110 minutes of exposure. Fructose absorption was, however, unimpaired. The same concentration of MTX, when added to the mucosal side of distal rabbit ileum caused significant increases in transmucosal potential difference, short circuit current and the unidirectional flux of chloride from serosa to mucosa. In the presence of a subphysiological magnesium concentration (0.3 mmol/l), MTX resulted in the abolition of net sodium absorption and the conversion of net chloride absorption to secretion. We conclude that MTX has a topical effect on small intestinal transport which is independent of its effect on crypt cell kinetics.

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