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Influence of sham feeding on salt and water absorption in the human jejunum.
  1. G R Barclay,
  2. L A Turnberg


    Vagal stimulation induced by sham feeding in 11 healthy subjects was used to examine the possibility that the autonomic nervous system might be involved in the control of human jejunal absorption. Gastric acid secretion was measured from gastric aspirates corrected for recovery, and jejunal absorption was determined using a triple lumen perfusion technique. Sham feeding induced a significant increase in gastric acid secretion from 1.29 to 7.73 mmol/h (p less than 0.02). Jejunal absorption of water decreased significantly from 41.0 to 26.8 ml/30cm/h (p less than 0.02), sodium from 2.60 to 0.74 mmol/30cm/h (p less than 0.05, and chloride from 2.68 to 0.74 mmol/30cm/h (p less than 0.02). During the hour after sham feeding gastric acid secretion and jejunal absorption returned towards basal values. These results suggest that vagal stimulation may have influenced jejunal absorption of salt and water in man and supports the possibility that the autonomic nervous system has a physiological role in the control of intestinal mucosal function.

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