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Augmentation of chemically induced pancreatic and bronchial cancers by epidermal growth factor.
  1. R A Malt,
  2. J F Chester,
  3. H A Gaissert,
  4. J S Ross
  1. Surgical Services, Shriners Burns Institute, Mass


    The incidence of Syrian golden hamsters with pancreatic cancer induced by subcutaneous injections of N-nitroso-bis(2-oxopropyl)amine for 19 weeks (each 10 mg/kg) increased from 44% to 75% (p=0.016) when epidermal growth factor was also administered from week 5 through week 8 (5 mug energy three days for injections). Epidermal growth factor increased pancreatic weight and body weight. The incidence of animals with bronchial cancer doubled. Epidermal growth factor could be a cocarcinogen as a result of its mitogenic activity.

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