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Isolated lipase and colipase deficiency in two brothers.
  1. M Ligumsky,
  2. E Granot,
  3. D Branski,
  4. H Stankiewicz,
  5. R Goldstein
  1. Department of Gastroenterology, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem.


    Two brothers of Arab origin, aged 15 and 10 years, with isolated congenital lipase and colipase deficiency are described. Both were normally developed with a history of passing greasy stools since early infancy. Both have remarkable steatorrhoea and low serum carotene and vitamin E concentrations. After exocrine pancreatic stimulation, lipase and colipase activities in the duodenal fluid were almost completely absent, while amylase trypsin, bile salt, and pH values were normal. No other aetiology for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency was found. This is the first report of congenital combined lipase and colipase deficiency in two brothers.

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