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Hepatitis C virus antibodies in patients with chronic liver disease: ELISA and RIBA HCV strip immunoblot assay results.
  1. G Baskin,
  2. R DiNello,
  3. A Polito,
  4. S Quan,
  5. W S Lee,
  6. J Wu,
  7. M Nelles,
  8. S Lee
  1. University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio.


    In a study using the current first generation Ortho ELISA, a second generation Ortho ELISA, and the RIBA HCV strip immunoblot assay, all patients who were strongly positive for antihepatitis C virus (HCV) on ELISAs (OD490 > 3) were reactive to RIBA for multiple bands. While all ELISA false positive samples had low or intermediate OD490 values, RIBA confirmed HCV reactivity in 50% of the patients reactive to ELISA with a low suspicion of HCV infection, thus suggesting that RIBA HCV strip immunoblot assay will be most useful for patients who react weakly positive or intermediate to ELISA.

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