Gut 37:380-385 doi:10.1136/gut.37.3.380
  • Research Article

Phospholipase A2 gene expression and activity in histologically normal ileal mucosa and in Crohn's ileitis.

  1. I Lilja,
  2. K Smedh,
  3. G Olaison,
  4. R Sjödahl,
  5. C Tagesson,
  6. C Gustafson-Svärd
  1. Department of Surgery, Linköping University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Sweden.


      Increased activity of phospholipase A2 (PLA2) in the ileal mucosa may contribute to the inflammation in Crohn's disease. The results of this study showed that (a) three months after ileocolonic resection for Crohn's disease the neoterminal ileal mucosa showed endoscopically new inflammation and had higher PLA2 activity than at the time of the operation (n = 8); no such findings were seen in controls (n = 7), (b) histologically normal ileal mucosa (n = 3) contained mRNA for three isoforms of PLA2 (PLA2-I, PLA2-II, and cPLA2), but the amounts of PLA2-II mRNA clearly exceeded the amounts of mRNA for PLA2-I and cPLA2, (c) ileal mucosa from Crohn's patients (n = 2) contained higher values of PLA2-II mRNA than ileal mucosa from two controls, (d) ileal mucosa from Crohn's patients (n = 4) showed increased PLA2-II mRNA three months after ileocolonic resection. In conclusion, these results show that the predominating PLA2 mRNA in the human ileal mucosa is type II PLA2, and the increased synthesis of PLA2-II might be responsible for the increased PLA2 activity found in the ileal mucosa accompanying recurrent ileal inflammation in Crohn's disease.