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Meeting Abstracts: Introduction

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The 2001 Annual Meeting of the British Society of Gastroenterology will be held at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow, from 18 to 21 March 2001 under the presidency of Professor A.T.R. Axon

This supplement contains the abstracts selected by the Programme Committee of the Society for oral and poster presentation. Abstracts not to be reproduced or disseminated before the British Society of Gastroenterology Meeting.

This abstract book has been produced by the BMJ Publishing Group from electronic files supplied by the authors. The abstracts have been formatted for consistency butnot edited for content.

Every effort has been made to reproduce faithfully the abstracts as submitted. However, no responsibility is assumed by the publishers or organisers for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of product liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instruments, or ideas contained in the material herein. We recommend independent verification of diagnoses and drug dosages.

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