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Advanced Therapy of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Advanced Therapy of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Edited by TM Bayless, SB Hanauer (Pp 670; illustrated; $129). London: BC Decker Inc, 2001. ISBN1-55009-122-0.

The book contains 138 short chapters on almost all practical issues in the management of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It is the second edition of a book published in 1989 entitledCurrent Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Obviously, in the last 12 years since the publication of the first edition, much has changed both in the medical and surgical therapeutic approaches to IBD. All of the current and most up to date attitudes are well reflected in this book

The format of the book is very convenient and helpful to every physician, especially gastroenterologists who treat IBD patients and are frequently confronted with a specific problem or question related to their management and treatment. The 138 chapters cover practically every issue related to the management of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Readers will find up to date application of diagnostic tools such as computed tomographic scanning and ultrasonography to the handling of IBD patients. A significant number of chapters are dedicated to the medical treatment not only of straightforward IBD but also its complications, such as pouchitis, severe perianal disease, not to speak of the management of extraintestinal manifestations. Thirty two chapters deal with the surgical aspects of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's. These chapters provide gastroenterologists with in depth information regarding surgical options, their advantages, and disadvantages. Even though the chapters that relate to surgical intervention of IBD have been written by experienced surgeons, they are easily followed and understood by medical people, who are usually those who refer patients for surgery. Reading these pertinent chapters will enable the medical man to better understand what is to be expected from the intervention, its details, and place in the therapeutic approach to the treatment of IBD.

The book contains all of the necessary and most current information about the novel medical treatment of IBD. A special chapter deals with anticytokine therapy and another with novel manipulation of the inflammatory mediator pathways.

Another feature that characterises this book is inclusion of a rather unusual number of chapters on the humanistic aspects of the management of chronic IBD and patient-physician interactions.

Most of the chapters include a short list of additional references and a brief comment by the editor calling attention to other views and highlighting other areas of potential interest.

Because of the broad spectrum of the book and because the 138 chapters have been written by different authors, repetitiveness is unavoidable and many issues are dealt with more than once. In spite of this drawback, the book is an excellent source of information, practical as well as basic. It will be helpful for clinicians who handle IBD who are looking for a comprehensive resource, containing pertinent information on almost every problem that may arise in the management of patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

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