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Oesophageal I
PTU-166 Comparative outcomes following surgery for patients entering OEO2 and magic neo-adjuvant regimens
  1. A Reece-Smith1,
  2. J P Duffy1,
  3. S Madhusudan2,
  4. S L Parsons1
  1. 1Oesophago-Gastric Surgery, Nottingham University NHS Trust, Nottingham, UK
  2. 2Department of Medical Oncology, Nottingham University NHS Trust, Nottingham, UK


Introduction MAGIC1 regimen of three cycles of ECF chemotherapy pre- and post-op is widely used in gastric cancer but its use in oesophageal cancer remains controversial. We have compared post operative survival outcomes of oesophageal and GOJ cancer patients entered into either OEO22 (2 cycles of CF pre-operatively) or MAGIC regimen to determine if either is advantageous.

Methods A database of cancer resections was maintained from 2000 until present. Patients fit for treatment were mainly given OEO2 regimen from 2002 to 2006 and MAGIC regimen from 2006-present. The database was searched for patients receiving pre-operative chemotherapy using either ECF/X or CF/X. Kaplan–Meier survival analysis was undertaken using log-rank test for comparisons.

Results Median follow-up was more than 8.5 years for the 97 patients with complete data in the OE02 group and 3.7 years for the 138 complete patients in the MAGIC group. Oesophageal cancer patients that had received MAGIC regimen pre-operatively had significantly longer median survival compared to those that had received OE02 (34.0 months vs 23.4 months, p=0.033). A significant benefit was not shown in GOJ cancer (MAGIC: 32.3 months, OE02: 23.5 months, p=0.095)

Conclusion Oesophageal cancer patients attending for curative surgery that commenced treatment with MAGIC style chemotherapy have better survival than patients that started OE02 regimen.

Competing interests None declared.

References 1. Cunningham, et al. NEJM 2006;355:11–20.

2. MRC Working Party. Lancet 2002;359:1727–33.

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