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PWE-126 Telaprevir With Adjusted dose of Ribavirin in Naive Chc-G1: Efficacy and Treatment in Chc In Hemodialysis Population. Target C (Rct)
  1. P Basu1,2,
  2. N J Shah3,
  3. S Farhat1,
  4. R Siriki2,
  5. K Mittimanj2,
  6. M Rahaman2,
  7. S Atluri2
  1. 1Columbia School of Physicians and Surgeons, NY
  2. 2Forest Hills Hospital, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
  3. 3James J Peters VA Medical Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York, United States


Introduction Chronic hepatitis C (CHC) in Hemodialysis population is 3%. Standard of care (SOC) offers reduced dose of Peg IFN Alfa (p-IFNα) and reduced Ribavirin doses eliciting sub optimal SVR of 27%. Morbidity and mortality of CHC has impact on liver kidney transplant and graft failure. Triple therapy is SOC in CHC. Telaprevir is not cleared renally and hence is safe in dialysis population. This study evaluated the triple therapy in naïve CHC-G1 in hemodialysis in Respond Guided Therapy (RGT)

Methods Thirty five patients (n = 35) naïve CHC-G1 were recruited. Group A-(n = 18): p-IFNα 135 mcg once weekly, Telaprevir 750 mg two tablets-TID four days and three tablets BID post dialysis for three days; along with RBV 400 mg daily for 12 weeks followed by p-IFNα 135mcg plus RVB 400 mg till 24 weeks Group B-(n = 17) p-IFNα 135 mcg once weekly with Telaprevir same as Group A with RBV 200 mg for 12 weeks followed by p-IFNα 135mcg with RBV 400 mg till 48 weeks. Viral load to follow RGT.

Conclusion This study demonstrates higher SVR comparing traditional SOC on hemodialysis CHC-G1 patients. Extended 48 weeks had no benefits. Multi-centre trials to follow.

Disclosure of Interest None Declared.

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