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PTH-074 Of What Value is A 1:1 Multidisciplinary Weight Management Clinic?
  1. D Turner1,
  2. S Jones2,
  3. S Syal2,
  4. J Gray2,
  5. J Reynolds2,
  6. A Weaver2,
  7. N Haboubi2
  1. 1Cardiff Medical School, Cardiff
  2. 2Aneurin Bevan Weight Management Clinic, Ebbw Vale, UK


Introduction Obesity management in Wales includes provision of a 1:1 Multidisciplinary Weight Management Clinic (MDWMC). Strategic management of obesity in Wales is guided by The All Wales Obesity Pathway and recommends MDWMCs for people with obesity who have one or more co-morbidities and who have tried several interventions without success, or who have complex emotional relationships with food.1 This service evaluation aimed to assess physiological benefits associated with attendance at a MDWMC. It also aimed to collect qualitative data in an attempt to explain any reasons for achieving benefits.

Methods An approved questionnaire was used to conduct semi-structured interviews with 180 patients attending the MDWMC at Aneurin Bevan Hospital, Ebbw Vale, Wales. Quantitative data were tabulated and a thematic analysis was performed on free-text responses to collate qualitative data.

Results The MDWMC supports weight loss with 95% of patients reporting loss. For those whom baseline data was available 73% lost at least 5% of initial body weight. 88% of patients prefer individual appointments and over 90% of patients who see each team member find consultations useful. 69% of patients report improved health mainly due to a decrease in obesity-related symptoms, and of patients taking obesity-related medication 48% report a reduction in dose of medication for asthma, 42% report a reduction in dose of antidepressants and 36% report a reduction in dose for medication for diabetes. Of employed patients 30% report a reduction of days taken off work due to sickness. 96% of patients would recommend the clinic to others.

Conclusion A 1:1 Multi-disciplinary Weight Management Clinic provides value in reducing obesity and symptoms of obesity-related diseases. It also is a treatment choice favoured by patients.

Disclosure of Interest None Declared.


  1. Welsh Assembly Government. All Wales Obesity Pathway. 2009. Accessed at: = en

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