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PTH-124 Action Learning sets to Support Specialist Screening Practitioners
  1. V Breen1,1
  1. 1Screening Division, Public Health UK, Bowel Screening UK, Pontyclun, UK


Introduction Bowel Screening Wales (BSW) have undertaken a pilot to provide evidence which will consider the benefits of Action Learning Sets to Support Specialist Screening Practitioners.

Methods Action Learning Sets (ALS) are a powerful problem-solving process widely used in nursing and other organisations to help staff develop their own skills in resolving workplace issues by using enhanced communication in a group setting. It can help build teams, support individuals, develop self awareness, promote professional development and improve leadership skills. Allocating time for one-to-one meetings for clinical supervision can be difficult to maintain. ALS could be developed to enable SSP peer-group learning. A pilot will commence in one LAC in January 2013 and will create a mechanism for setting up action learning, enabling discussion of the options and the practicalities of setting up ALS. A Bowel Screening Wales, Regional Nurse would take on the initial facilitator role. This would help to ensure progress is maintained and to encourage and shape ALS, with a view totraining up internal facilitators for future sets in other LACs. The ALS would become self facilitating but this would only be done once the SSP’s are experienced in the methodology. Those involved in the pilot would need to agree how the ALS pilot will be evaluated, one possibility would be to ask members to write a reflective account of their experience of participating and how it influenced their practise and professional development.

Results The feedback from the results will be considered and the process consent process modified accordingly. The results of the pilot will help BSW focus on finding out how ALS could enable SSP peer-group learning, development and support providing peer supervision, identifying strategies for leading service developments and providing a focus for problem solving and reflection workplace issues. Also needing consideration is how the pilot, if successful, could be conveyed to other SSP’s working within Bowel Screening Wales, SSP’s working within other UK Bowel Screening Programmes and other Specialist Nurses working within the symptomatic service.

Conclusion ALS for SSP’s would ensure continuous professional development and could represent an empowering approach for SSP’s advanced practise, helping them to develop their own practical solutions to workplace problems and issues. ALS is a dynamic and evolving group process. The approach would require commitment but ALS is a relatively straight forward way of improving individual SSP and team working. It aims to be of benefit to the organisation and the individual SSP.

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