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PTH-129 Development and Assessment of a Patient Information Leaflet Relating to the Harmful Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption. a Prospective Survey from a District General Hospital
  1. A Bond1,
  2. V Maddirala1,
  3. E Hunter2,
  4. R Saravanan1
  1. 1Gastroenterology, East Cheshire NHS Trust
  2. 2Hospital Alcohol Liason Service, Wirral and East Cheshire Partnership, Macclesfield, UK


Introduction Alcohol abuse is a major cause of preventable liver disease world wide. Alcohol related liver disease and associated death is rising at an alarming rate whilst all other causes of death are falling in the UK1. 38% of men and 16% of women (aged 16–64) misuse alcohol in England1. It is estimated that there are 7.1million hazardous or harmful drinkers and 1.1million dependent drinkers2 in the UK. The East Cheshire NHS Trust was not utilising an effective patient information leaflet relating to the harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Such leaflets can be vital in effective patient/public education, patient management and in aiding with altering health related behaviours.

Methods A working group was established to develop the leaflet. Alcohol Related Disease: Meeting the Challenge of Improved Quality of care and Better Use of Resources, produced by the BSG, was the source of much of the statistics and data used in the leaflet1.Questionnaires were distributed and results were collated prospectively.

Results 49 questionnaires were returned. 34 female and 15 male. 53% of people reportedthey had never seen a leaflet like this before, with 63% stating that they were surprised by the extent of the social, economic and health implications of excessive alcohol consumption. 51% stated that reading this leaflet would alter their alcohol consumption, with 92% stating they would pass the leaflet on to friends and family. 60% of people described the information as very easy to understand. 89% reported that the drink calculator was helpful in calculating their weekly alcohol consumption.

Conclusion Patient information leaflets play a vital role in patient education and altering health behaviours.

Our leaflet appears to convey the relevant information well and will allow for effective education, together with behaviour modification and may assist in the management of patients with alcohol related liver disease.

Larger prospective surveys are required to assess the impact of such leaflets and how they influence the long term management of such patients.

We propose an electronic campaign in the form of an information leaflet for the dessimantion of information which would be cost effective, efficient and can be distributed reaching a wider population.

Disclosure of Interest None Declared.


  1. Moriarty, K et al. Alcohol Related Disease: Meeting the Challenge of Improved Quality of care and Better Use of Resources. A joint position paper on behalf of The British Society of Gastroenterology, Alcohol Health Alliance UK and British Association for Study of the Liver. 2010.

  2. Models of care for alcohol misusers. Guidance produced by The Department of Health. 2006.

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