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PTU-048 The Effect of the Colonoscope Magnetic Imaging Device (Scopeguide ®) on Implantable Cardiac Devices
  1. G D Corbett1,
  2. Y C Lim1,
  3. P Pugh2,
  4. E Cameron1
  1. 1Gastroenterology
  2. 2Cardiology, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK


Introduction Use of the colonoscope magnetic imaging device (ScopeGuide®, Olympus) is currently contraindicated by the manufacturer for patients with implantable cardiac devices. This group of patients is increasing every year, as is the number of colonoscopies being performed. This is the first study which examines the safety of ScopeGuide® in patients with permanent pacemakers (PPMs), implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) and cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT).

Methods Before any patient experiments, ex-vivo proof of concept studies were performed. Non-implanted devices were exposed to the electromagnetic field (EMF) of ScopeGuide® and monitoring demonstrated no evidence of interference or change in settings. Following this, ethical approval was obtained and consecutive patients attending device cheque clinics were prospectively recruited and exposed to ScopeGuide® EMF. After an initial device cheque, patients were attached to a device programmer and underwent continuous external cardiac monitoring. A colonoscope was placed curled on the abdomen over their clothing with patients lying supine to simulate the EMF generated during colonoscopy. The colonoscope was connected to ScopeGuide®. After 2 minutes of observation to assess for any interference, ScopeGuide® was disconnected and devices were checked for any change in settings.

Results 143 patients were invited to participate and of these 70 were recruited to take part in the study (46 male, 24 females, mean age 68.5 years SD 10.3). Device type, indication and manufacturer are summarised in Table 1. No evidence of interference was seen on device leads nor was any change in programming detected following exposure to ScopeGuide® EMF in any patient.

Abstract PTU-048 Table 1

Summary of baseline characteristics of recruited patients

Conclusion The ScopeGuide® does not cause any interference or change in settings and appears to be safe to use in patients with implantable cardiac devices.

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