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  1. A E Smyth,
  2. C F Healy,
  3. P MacMathuna,
  4. H M Fenlon
  1. Departments of Gastroentertolgoy and Radiology, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland


Introduction CT Colonography is increasingly being utilised to investigate patients with lower gastrointestinal symptoms and in screening for colorectal carcinoma in the at risk population.

Aims/Background This review aimed to quantify results from a real life experience of 1000 CT Colonography examinations in a tertiary referral hospital campus.

Method Data on patient demographics, indications and findings were analysed retrospectively from a dedicated database.

Results Over a five year period (January 2008–December 2012) 1000 CT Colonography examinations were performed. The median age was 70 years (IQR 60–79). Patients were symptomatic in 86% of cases, screening accounted for 7% and surveillance in patients with a history of polyps or colorectal cancer for 7%. In 45% of patients it was documented that the study was performed following an incomplete optical colonoscopy.

CT Colonography had normal or benign colonic findings in 75% of patients. 6% had incomplete examinations performed. Neoplasia was observed in 14%: colorectal carcinoma 6%, polyps >1cm in 3% and 5% were found to have <3 polyps of 6–9 mm. 5% had findings of wall thickening or strictures that were suspected to be benign but required further endoscopy and biopsy.

There was an extracolonic finding that required further evaluation in 19% with 6% found to have a potentially clinically significant finding.

There were no significant procedure related complications.

Conclusion This review describes the real life experience of CT Colonography in a largely elderly, symptomatic patient group. In this patient group, CT Colonography safely confirmed the need for no further bowel tests in 75%, identified colorectal cancer in 6% and clinically significant extracolonic findings in 6% of cases without any significant complications.

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