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53 Long term follow up of microscopic colitis
  1. G Mohamed,
  2. P Crotty,
  3. D McNamara,
  4. N Breslin,
  5. BM Ryan
  1. AMNCH, Tallaght, and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


Background Microscopic colitis (MC) has been increasingly diagnosed in recent years. The two main variants are lymphocytic colitis (LC) and collagenous colitis (CC).

Aim To evaluate the long term natural history and follow-up of patients diagnosed with MC.

Method Patients diagnosed with MC were identified from the histopathology department database in our institution. Clinical details were obtained through a combination of chart review and follow up telephone interview.

Conclusions MC is commonly associated with other autoimmune conditions. A significant proportion of patients had no follow-up/did not seek follow-up which raises the possibility that their symptoms were not problematic. Further follow-up of patients with MC is necessary to gain better insight into the natural history of this condition.

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