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April 2010, Volume 59, Suppl 1

British Society of Gastroenterology Annual General Meeting 2010

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BackAssociation of Gastro-intestinal Physiologists (AGIP)
BackBSG endoscopy free papers
BackBSG inflammatory bowel disease symposium
BackBSG information group symposium and free papers
BackBSG neurogastroenterology/motility section symposium
BackBSG trainee symposium: hot topics in gastro training
BackCase presentations
BackCellular and molecular pathology posters
BackColorectal/anorectal free papers
BackColorectal/anorectal posters
BackEndoscopy I posters
BackEndoscopy II posters
BackEndoscopy III posters
BackEndoscopy free papers
BackGI physiology posters
BackGastroduodenal free papers
BackGastroduodenal posters
BackHealth service research and IT posters
BackInflammatory Bowel Disease II posters
BackInflammatory bowel disease free papers
BackJoint IBD & adolescent and young persons section symposium
BackLiver I posters
BackLiver II posters
BackLiver free papers
BackLiver symposium
BackNeoplasia and cancer pathogenesis posters
BackNeurogastroenterology/motility posters
BackNeurogastroenterology/motility section free papers
BackNutrition posters
BackOesophageal free papers and audit presentation
BackOesophagus posters
BackPancreas posters
BackPancreatic symposium and free papers
BackPathology free papers
BackPlenary posters
BackPlenary session
BackRadiology posters
BackService development free papers
BackService development posters
BackSmall bowel & nutrition free papers
BackSmall bowel posters
BackTrainees posters

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