Table 1

Basic characteristics of patients with colorectal cancer at diagnosis according to postdiagnostic marine ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid intake*

Variable<0.10 g/day0.10–0.19 g/day0.20–0.29 g/day≥0.30 g/day
Participants (n, %)486 (29)358 (21)274 (17)541 (33)
Age, year69.768.766.968.7
Height, inch66.866.866.966.9
BMI, kg/m2 26.126.626.026.4
Physical activity, MET-hours/week17.916.919.923.0
Pack-years of smoking18.
Current smokers, %7765
Multivitamin use, %58565867
Fish oil use, %00023
Regular use of aspirin, %†38434339
Menopausal hormone therapy, %‡21201816
Dietary consumption
 Alcohol, g/day7.
 Total folate, μg/day653658653773
 Calcium, mg/day1169110711801244
 Vitamin D, IU/day475487541677
 Total fibre, g/day20.520.621.822.7
 Processed red meat, serving/week1.
 Poultry, serving/week2.
 Total fish, serving/week0.
 Dark fish, serving/week0.
 Tuna, serving/week0.
 Other fish, serving/week0.
 Ω-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, g/day10.810.710.611.3
Cancer subsite, %
 Proximal colon42434045
 Distal colon29323131
Differentiation, %
 Well differentiated141213014
 Moderately differentiated62596155
 Poorly differentiated12131213
Stage, %
  • *Means are calculated for continuous variables. All variables are age-standardised except age.

  • †Regular users are defined as ≥2 standard (325 mg) tablets of aspirin per week.

  • ‡Proportion of current postmenopausal hormone use is calculated among postmenopausal women only.

  • BMI, body mass index; MET, metabolic equivalent.