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BMJ Learning produces gastroenterology interactive case histories (ICHs) in association with Gut. These tutorials are case based and designed to simulate bedside teaching. They are aimed at both trainees and consultant gastroenterologists who want to refresh their knowledge. The level of difficulty has been set at senior Specialist Registrar, although any clinician should find them valuable revision.

The tutorials are hosted on BMJ Learning - the best available learning website for medical professionals from the BMJ Group. Gut subscribers must initially access the MCQs via to be able to use them [read more]

Use these interactive modules to learn as you are guided through a real life consultation, answering multiple choice questions as you proceed. Where appropriate, more detailed information and explanation of incorrect answers is provided for you. All answers can all be found within the case and there is a full reference section. Each tutorial should take about 1 hour; you may stop and resume at any time. To complete the tutorial you must pass the post-test with a passmark of 70%.

Mairi McLean
Gut Education Editor

Emad El-Omar
Gut Editor

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Gut tutorial collection

A case of bleeding oesophageal varices
Ulrich Thalheimer, Andrew K Burroughs
[View tutorial introduction]

Management of post-operative intestinal failure
R Johnston, TE Bowling
[View tutorial introduction]

Management of Crohn's disease
CA Lamb, RA Speight, S Needham, JY Graham, JC Mansfield
[View tutorial introduction]

'A flare' in a patient with known inflammatory bowel disease
Giles Major
[View tutorial introduction]

Dyspnoea in a patient with cirrhosis
Martin W James, Nick Taylor, and Guruprasad P Aithal
[View tutorial introduction]

Non-cirrhotic intrahepatic portal hypertension
K Madhu, B Ramakrishna, U Zachariah, C E Eapen, and G Kurian
[View tutorial introduction]

Ascites: an unusual case
Matthias J Bahr, Bita Boozari
[View tutorial introduction]

Liver failure during pregnancy
CE Eapen, B Ramakrishna, R Jose, G Loganathan, G Chandy
[View tutorial introduction]

A patient with impaired gastric motility
PA Paine, W Rees, C Babbs, JL Shaffer, G Armstrong, H Burnett and Q Aziz
[View tutorial introduction]

Helicobacter pylori and antibiotic resistance
Francis Megraud
[View tutorial introduction]

A patient with dysphagia
JY Kang
[View tutorial introduction]

Chronic pancreatitis: diagnosis and management of complications
NI Church, SP Pereira, D Churchill, S Cairns, ARW Hatfield and GJM Webster
[View tutorial introduction]

Crohn's or abdominal tuberculosis?
A Forbes
[View tutorial introduction]

Cholangiocarcinoma and its management
SA Khan, A Miras, M Pelling, and SD Taylor-Robinson
[View tutorial introduction]

Chronic diarrhoea
Robin Spiller
[View tutorial introduction]


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