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Effect of Glucagon on Gastric Secretion in the Dog
  1. S. D. Clarke,
  2. D. W. Neill,
  3. R. B. Welbourn


    The effects of glucagon on gastric secretion in the dog have been studied. Gastric juice was collected both from denervated and innervated pouches under basal conditions and when the animals were stimulated by meat extract and by histamine. In the dogs with innervated pouches psychic stimulation and the stimulatory action of insulin-induced hypoglycaemia were also used.

    Glucagon reduced the volume but not the acidity of gastric juice collected under all conditions. This effect was independent of its hyperglycaemic action and occurred when physiological doses were administered.

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    • * Presented at the Annual Meeting of the British Society of Gastroenterology at Belfast on Nov. 6, 1959.