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The Use of Cholecystokinin to Test Gall Bladder Function in Man
  1. P. Burton,
  2. A. A. Harper,
  3. Henry T. Howat,
  4. J. E. Scott,
  5. H. Varley


    In 100 subjects the cholecystokinin test has been used in conjunction with the secretin test of gall bladder function. The response of the normal gall bladder to a standard dose of pancreozymin has been studied and the results in patients following cholecystectomy and in the presence of biliary tract disease have been recorded and contrasted with the results obtained by the secretin test and oral cholecystography. These are sufficiently characteristic to warrant the conclusion that used in this way the cholecystokinin test provides a new and valuable semi-quantitative estimate of gall bladder function.

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