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Some Factors in the Assessment of Gastric Antisecretory Drugs by a Sampling Technique
  1. J. P. Bingle,
  2. J. E. Lennard-Jones


    Samples of gastric contents from patients with duodenal ulcer were more often highly acid when they drank 120 ml. of milk-cream mixture every hour than when they ate a bland diet. The volume of the drinks and the timing of the samples determined this apparent difference. Long-acting propantheline bromide reduced gastric acidity a little when the patients ate the diet and more when they took the drinks of milk-cream alone. It is concluded that the clinical usefulness of gastric antisecretory drugs can only be assessed under the actual conditions of use.

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    • * This paper was read at the annual meeting of the British Society of Gastroenterology in London on November 4, 1960.

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