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The Effect of an Adrenal Inhibitor (SU 4885) on Gastric Secretion in Dogs
  1. J. W. McIntosh,
  2. N. Anderson,
  3. H. L. Duthie,
  4. A. P. M. Forrest


    There is considerable evidence that the adrenocortical steroids potentiate both human and canine gastric secretion. In this study, the action of the adrenocortical inhibitor, SU 4885, has been observed in dogs having separated pouches of the stomach. No effect was noted on the secretory responses to meat, histamine, or mecothane when the drug was given by single intravenous injection. However, the 24-hour output of acid was inhibited when the drug was given orally for a period of 10 to 14 days. While this effect may be due to the ability of the drug to inhibit adrenocortical function, there is no positive supporting evidence.

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