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The use of ultrasound in the diagnosis of cystic lesions of the liver and upper abdomen and in the detection of ascites
  1. C. F. McCarthy,
  2. P. N. T. Wells,
  3. F. G. M. Ross,
  4. A. E. A. Read


    The use of ultrasonic A- and B-scans has been evaluated in the diagnosis of fluid-filled lesions in the liver and abdomen, and in the detection of intraperitoneal fluid. Six patients with polycystic livers or suspected polycystic livers, three with solitary cysts, four with liver abscesses, and three with miscellaneous intraabdominal cystic lesions were scanned. The lesions could be clearly distinguished from solid masses by either technique. The presence of as little as 300 to 800 ml of intraperitoneal fluid could be detected by either the A- or B-scan.

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