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Peptic ulcer surgery: selection for operation by `earning'
  1. W. P. Small,
  2. E. L. Cay,
  3. P. Dugard,
  4. W. Sircus,
  5. C. W. A. Falconer,
  6. A. N. Smith,
  7. J. P. A. McManus,
  8. John Bruce


    Two groups of patients with chronic peptic ulcer were studied to determine the influence of duration of symptoms and age at operation on the result of surgical treatment.

    Independent physical and psychiatric assessments were made.

    Statistical analysis of the findings indicates that selection for operation by `earning' is unreliable in that it fails to identify that group of patients liable to do badly. In its place, a combined physical and psychiatric preoperative assessment of the peptic ulcer patient is recommended.

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