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Lean body mass, gastric acid, and peptic ulcer
  1. J. H. Baron


    Peak acid outputs in normal subjects and patients with duodenal and gastric ulcer were significantly (and similarly) correlated with body weight and calculated lean body mass.

    Expression of measurements of peak acid output as a function of body weight or lean body mass lessened but did not abolish the significance of the situation that men with no dyspepsia or gastric ulcer secreted more acid than women; the significant sex difference in duodenal ulcer was, however, abolished.

    Data for peak acid output have been tabulated, not only as m-equiv/hr but also as μ-equiv/kg body weight/hr and μ-equiv/kg lean body mass/hr. On the basis of the present data no change is suggested in the current expression of peak acid output as m-equiv/hr since expression of acid output as a function of body weight or lean body mass improves neither the variability nor the diagnostic discrimination of measurement of peak acid output.

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