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Value of hypotonic duodenography as an adjunct to pancreatic scanning
  1. D. M. McCarthy,
  2. L. Kreel,
  3. J. E. Agnew,
  4. I. A. D. Bouchier


    A technique has been developed which allows the position of the upper gastrointestinal tract, as determined radiographically, to be superimposed on the pancreatic photoscan, performed after an injection of 75Se-selenomethionine. Results of the technique applied to 27 `abnormal' and 23 `normal' subjects are described. The importance of the additional information gained by the combined technique is discussed in terms of normal variation and increased diagnostic yield, and the situations in which it was found most useful are described. The addition of correlated duodenography rendered scan reporting more objective in 50% of cases.

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