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Relationship between pancreatic secretion and pancreatic blood flow
  1. Bernard Goodhead,
  2. Harry S. Himal,
  3. Joseph Zanbilowicz


    An indicator fractionation technique using radioactive rubidium has been used to measure pancreatic blood flow after infusions of secretin, pancreozymin, urecholine, and pentagastrin.

    Secretin resulted in the production of a large volume of low viscous pancreatic juice and was associated with an increase in the cardiac output. Duodenal and pancreatic blood flow and perfusion rate were increased significantly. Blood flow to the remainder of the gastrointestinal organs was only marginally increased but the perfusion rate in each organ was increased significantly.

    Infusion of pancreozymin, urecholine, and pentagastrin resulted in the output of a small volume of viscous juice and was associated with no increase in cardiac output but with an increase in both pancreatic blood flow and perfusion rate.

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