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The interrelationships of pancreatic enzymes in human duodenal aspirate
  1. D. M. Goldberg,
  2. K. G. Wormsley


    The interrelationships of proteolytic enzymes and amylase have been studied in the duodenal aspirate obtained from subjects with normal and abnormal pancreatic function during stimulation with secretin and pancreozymin. While the relationship of trypsin to chymotrypsin was independent of stimulus and presence of pancreatic disease the ratio of proteolytic enzymes to amylase rose when the degree of stimulation of the pancreas was increased. Patients with recent acute pancreatitis and with chronic pancreatitis tended to have more severe impairment of secretion of proteolytic enzymes than of amylase. In routine tests of pancreatic function both proteolytic and non-proteolytic enzymes should be measured, both because an abnormal ratio may be of diagnostic significance and because the two different groups of enzymes provide mutual checks of the secretory capacity of pancreatic enzymes.

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