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Clinical study of Duogastrone in the treatment of duodenal ulcers
  1. B. O. Amure


    This study confirms the preliminary reports that Duogastrone effectively controls the symptoms of duodenal ulceration and appears to hasten healing. In a double-blind trial, 14 patients with active duodenal ulcers were treated with Duogastrone capsules, one four times daily, half-an-hour before meals, while a comparable control group of 14 patients was treated similarly with a placebo containing magnesium trisilicate. Treatment continued for 12 weeks with clinical assessments fortnightly and a radiological assessment at the start and at the end of treatment.

    Only one of the 14 patients receiving Duogastrone did not respond. The remaining 13 showed marked clinical improvement with complete relief of pain and ceased to require supplementary antacids. Radiological evidence of healing or marked improvement was seen in eight of the 14 patients.

    None of the patients in the control group showed any marked improvement either of pain or tenderness and no changes were detectable by radiology. Patients in this group showed no reduction in their demand for supplementary antacids to relieve symptoms. No significant side effects were encountered.

    It is concluded that Duogastrone accelerates the healing of duodenal ulcer in ambulant patients and affords a much greater and more rapid relief of symptoms than does magnesium trisilicate.

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