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Two cases of `pancreatic cholera' with features of peptide-secreting adenomatosis of the pancreas
  1. W. Sircus,
  2. P. W. Brunt,
  3. R. J. Walker,
  4. W. P. Small,
  5. C. W. A. Falconer,
  6. Christine G. Thomson


    The clinical data are presented of two women with profound metabolic upset from exceptional water and electrolyte losses in diarrhoea. One had an islet-cell adenoma of the pancreas and the other abnormal islets. Gastric and pancreatic function were abnormal in both, consistent with the subsequent demonstration of a pancreatic and choleretic secretagogue in the tumour tissue and pancreatic and gastric secretagogues in circulating blood (Cleator, Thomson, Sircus, and Coombes, 1970).

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